Contact List

Mrs. Debra Balint
Preschool Director and Pre-K Teacher
Mr. John Balint
Director of Maintenance
Ms. Ruth Bethencourt
Grade 4 Homeroom
Mrs. Catherine Bishop
Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Sarah Cannon
Grade 5 Homeroom
Ms. Lisa Coyne
Grade 6 Homeroom
Mrs. Cristina Crowley
Grade 3 Homeroom, Director of Clubs and Summer Camps
Mr. Andrew De Sa
Mrs. Carlie Dixon
History and Religion Teacher
Mrs. Gracia Escudero
Office Manager
Mr. Thomas Gorman
Grade 2 Homeroom
Mrs. Vivian Grady
Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Sarah Guillian
Mrs. Elizabeth Hatch
Grade 2 Homeroom
Mr. Austin Hatch
Grade 8 Literature
Ms. Caroline Haymans
Lower School Aide
Mrs. Katie Heeter
Grade 1 Homeroom
Mrs. Maricel Heeter
Director of Development
Ms. Brittany Higdon
Reading Specialist
Ms. Margaret Howerton
Grade 1 Homeroom
Mr. Daniel Kelley
Mrs. Dawn Kuker
Mrs. Trish Loria
Kindergarten Homeroom
Mr. Tyler McGee
Math Teacher
Mr. David Murray
Grade 5 Homeroom
Mrs. Nancy Nugent
Preschool & Pre-K Aides
Mrs. Kathleen O'Beirne
7th Grade Literature and Writing
Mr. Brian O’Neill
Grade 8 Homeroom
Mrs. Meredith Parker
Natural History
Mrs. Irene Perez
Kindergarten Homeroom
Fr. Christopher Pollard
Mr. Jeff Presberg
Ms. Betsy Reig
1st Grade Aide
Mr. Jonathan Reilly
Grade 7 Homeroom
Mrs. Celina Schneider
Mrs. Monica Stilson
Health Office and Lower School Aide
Mrs. Karen Tessier
Assistant Headmaster, Dean of Academics
Mrs. Ann-Marie Thrasher
Preschool Teacher
Mr. Sutton Truluck
PE, Math, Reading, 6th grade Latin
Mrs. Tamara Walder
Mrs. Christine White
Registrar and Communications Director
Mrs. Christine White

History & Mission

The school was founded in 1954 to provide children with a Catholic liberal arts education rooted in...

Headmaster's Welcome

A message from Jeffrey Presberg, the Headmaster at Saint John the Beloved Academy.

School At-A-Glance

Our liberal arts curriculum is rooted in a Catholic humanist tradition, a unique academic and...