Contact List

Mrs. Debra Balint
Preschool Director and Pre-K Teacher
Mr. John Balint
Director of Maintenance
Ms. Ruth Bethencourt
Grade 4 Homeroom
Mrs. Catherine Bishop
First Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Sarah Cannon
Grade 5 Homeroom
Ms. Lisa Coyne
Grade 6 Homeroom
Mrs. Cristina Crowley
Grade 3 Homeroom, Director of Clubs and Summer Camps
Mr. Andrew De Sa
Mrs. Carlie Dixon
History and Religion Teacher
Mrs. Gracia Escudero
Office Manager
Mr. Thomas Gorman
Grade 2 Homeroom
Mrs. Vivian Grady
Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Sarah Guillian
Mrs. Elizabeth Hatch
Grade 2 Homeroom
Mr. Austin Hatch
Grade 8 Literature
Ms. Caroline Haymans
Lower School Aide
Mrs. Katie Heeter
Grade 1 Homeroom
Mrs. Maricel Heeter
Director of Development
Ms. Brittany Higdon
Reading Specialist
Mr. Daniel Kelley
Mrs. Dawn Kuker
Mrs. Trish Loria
Kindergarten Homeroom
Mr. Tyler McGee
Math Teacher
Mr. David Murray
Grade 5 Homeroom
Mrs. Nancy Nugent
Preschool & Pre-K Aides
Mrs. Kathleen O'Beirne
7th Grade Literature and Writing
Mr. Brian O’Neill
Grade 8 Homeroom
Mrs. Irene Perez
Kindergarten Homeroom
Fr. Christopher Pollard
Mr. Jeff Presberg
Mr. Jonathan Reilly
Grade 7 Homeroom
Mrs. Celina Schneider
Mrs. Monica Stilson
Health Office and Lower School Aide
Mrs. Karen Tessier
Assistant Headmaster, Dean of Academics
Mrs. Ann-Marie Thrasher
Preschool Teacher
Mr. Sutton Truluck
PE, Math, Reading, 6th grade Latin
Mrs. Tamara Walder
Mrs. Christine White
Registrar and Communications Director
Mrs. Christine White

History & Mission

The school was founded in 1954 to provide children with a Catholic liberal arts education rooted in...

Headmaster's Welcome

A message from Jeffrey Presberg, the Headmaster at Saint John the Beloved Academy.

School At-A-Glance

Our liberal arts curriculum is rooted in a Catholic humanist tradition, a unique academic and...